Blending By The Beach

This was a tricky one. The homeowners were still living in the home and quite attached to their style and things. We spent two days simply working with the homeowners editing/removing unneeded items before we even put our design glasses on. Always slightly sensitive in that it’s one thing to “live” in your home and a completely different notion to “stage” a home for market. We mixed and matched their inventory, donated a bunch of items and adding in some of our inventory. Ended up being a blessing and a feel good one. The home was sold in under one month. That’s super fast for a multi-million dollar home. The homeowner met me for a huge hug all teary-eyed stating that by helping her purge and declutter, she feels it took years off of her life. Bonus!


My favorite accent we added: Using the OUTDOOR chairs in the formal dining room:)