Whether you're staying put or moving on, sometimes YOUR STUFF is ENOUGH...

Should I Stay or Should I Go?
— The Clash

Staying Put? 

Re-arrange. Re-use. Re-purpose. Re-cycle. Using items you already have.

Part of our passion is to make the most of what our clients already have. Hence, the saying, "YOUR STUFF IS ENOUGH." Do you have some cool stuff, but don't know how to place it in your home? Got some hand me downs over the years and feeling sort of bored with your space? Oh yeah, grandpa's vinyls are gathering dust in the corner. Let's take a rad picture and place it as art on the wall instead! Clutter-ville? OMG! We are experts at helping you simplify and organize your home. Going through a move and need help settling in? Thinking of selling your home and need help staging it for market? 

Moving On?

Have you listed your house yet? Are you getting ready to?
Or maybe you haven't quite decided yet.

Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective to bring new life to the old.
We'll bring our creative energy to help you reinvent your space with stuff you already own.
You never know... You might just decide to stay.


Oftentimes, we can enter a client's home, whether they are preparing their house to be put on the market or just don't have a knack for how to design their space. We have an absolute blast working directly with clients editing, organizing, purging and re-inventing their homes without spending a dime or helping them to stay within a small budget.

Check out these recent projects where we used more than 85-90%
of our client's existing items: